The history of the South is the history of America. As the years go by, it is plainly evident that both the South and America are rapidly losing their shared common history. We at the Stephen Dill Lee Institute view this with a great deal of concern and are pledged to speaking the truth and creating an atmosphere of learning for all Americans.

If you share our concerns and believe the success of groups such as the Stephen Dill Lee Institute are vital and should be promoted and preserved, we would be most grateful for contributions which would allow us to enlarge and better carry on our mission. Monies donated will also be used for scholarships for students and teachers to attend our seminars. π

We would appreciate it if you could send any donations for the Stephen D. Lee Institute to:

Sons of Confederate Veterans
PO Box 59
Columbia, Tennessee 38402-0059

Please be sure to make checks payable to “Sons of Confederate Veterans” and in the ledger column be sure to note the donation is for the SD Lee Institute or for any other specific purpose.

Anyone having questions about donations may contact —

David McCallister, Esq., Chairman of the Stephen D. Lee Institute